Trunk or Treat Recap

On October 19, we welcomed about 500 people from our community for Trunk or Treat.  We, as a church, were able to serve and love on our community through a free meal and family-friendly activities.  We gave away 804 hot dogs, 620 bag of chips and about 17,000 pieces of candy. And all while the large number of guests, food, and candy is impressive the more impressive part for me is everything our church family pulled off.  In just a 3 week window this church stepped up to lead and volunteer for our community.  We received the largest candy donation we ever have for this event.  A lot of work and man hours went into the prep, and it showed!  Over 80 different individuals stepped up to man inflatables, decorate their trunks, apply temporary tattoos, hand out the popcorn, serve food and more!  TCC family, Thank you!  You are what made Trunk or Treat a success! In addition to the 80 plus volunteers that helped the night of the event, there were team leads that handled all the prep work and volunteer communication for each area offered at Trunk or Treat.   A special thank you to Melissa Goad, Bob Bright, Jim & Diana Morlan, Emily Dodd, Danny Miller, Morgan Wellspring, Amber Bellamy, and Mandy Beatty.  

Since Trunk or Treat, we have received multiple messages of gratitude and appreciation from our guests. That is all because of our church family stepping up and being the church to our community.  Thank you for being a part of #tccserves and making Troy a little bit better. 

Check out a brief highlight of the event: