TCCServes Globally: Syverson Ministry Update

On the move...

“They say Aslan is on the move—perhaps he has already landed.”  These words mark a turning point in CS Lewis’s classic novel, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

     This is also how we are feeling here in Pachuca.  We named our newly launched ministry school after those words..."On the Move" because we feel that GOD is really on the move here in Mexico and we want to be a part of all that HE is doing.  

      We started the "On the Move" school on September 17th.  We have a staff of 4 (Greg, Vicki, Juandi and Monica), 5 full-time students and 14 night class only students.  We have a new (visiting) teacher coming in every week to teach on a different subject.  
     We have classes for the school 3 nights a week and then an additional night we open up for the church and community to attend a class by the same teacher.   We take our full-time students to do weekly ministry in a nursing home and also to do evangelism and outreach in neighborhoods and outside schools.  
     So far the teaching and ministry to the students has been amazing!  We have seen such transformation in their lives in the past 3 weeks  Can't wait to see what more GOD planned!

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In addition to our school (which is 6 days a week with classes and ministry time), we are also still involved in the ministries of the Nueva Vida (New Life) church.  We are also helping to prepare a new team of people from Nueva Vida to launch a church plant on November 18th.  These are exciting times!   Please join us in praying for unity among the churches and REVIVAL in Pachuca!  

Thank you for your partnership in the ministry!  It makes more of a difference than you could EVER know this side of eternity! 

Greg & Vicki Syverson