TCCServes: Giving Tree

Another Giving Tree Project hosted by TCC has been completed.  The Giving Tree Project started the middle of November, and it has been exciting to watch it unfold. TCC has hosted this Christmas project for several years, and while minor details have changed, the overall purpose has remained the same; provide a gift and express God’s love simply and unconditionally. Our efforts have been primarily focused on the individuals associated with the Riverside Developmental Disabled community.  The past two years we have been able to include a local elementary school, providing gifts to some students and their siblings as well. To those of you who selected and fulfilled a Giving Tree tag, your generosity does not go unnoticed.  I truly wish each and every one of you could fully grasp the impact created by your selfless giving.  To help pull back the veil, as you will, I’ve asked Melony Harman to share her insights.  Melony has helped organize this project for the past two years.  

Giving Tree has become a special part of Christmas!  We not only get to give to someone as the Harman family but we also get to be a part of watching the family at TCC stepping up and loving on so many people. Loving other people is a huge thing God called us to do and it was awesome to see all of you respond in such an effortless way.  We started with 151 tags and this past Sunday we fulfilled EVERY SINGLE TAG!  

Every tag has a story. For example, there was a man who was sleeping on a twin mattress that he was hanging off of and now this Christmas he will be able to have a comfortable nights sleep.  A teen who wanted a set of curtains and beads for her doorway can add some fun decor to her room.   A little boy is going to have many adventures with his dinosaurs and Mr. Potato ahead of him. This is all because of you all taking the time to give and love!   

I hope that your heart was given the gift mine was.  Thinking of all the smiles that those packages will bring truly warms my heart this Christmas!!! Merry Christmas TCC!!! 

TCC Family, I must admit that I often slip into a jaded or even judgmental mentality when it comes to serving or giving.  The beauty of this project is that it challenges and reminds me of Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 25:40, “'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.' 

The elementary child represented on our Giving Tree didn't make a poor choice that landed their family in financial hardship.  

The individual with special needs did not choose to be isolated or forgotten.  

The precious people receiving your selfless gifts are the most deserving of a joyous Christmas and TCC family, you helped provide just that! On behalf of the many you served, Thank you.  Thank you for choosing generosity.  Thank you for sharing and expressing God’s love simply and unconditionally.  

I’m humbled by God’s love, and blessing poured out on us as a church family. I’m proud that we chose to share that love and blessing with those around us. 

I love you TCC family.