Date Night: Drew's First Date

Sixteen years ago, I met my "Two" (from Steve Thornton's sermon last week). We had a unique courtship which involved one of us living in Las Vegas and the other in Johnson City, TN. We met online in the days of dial-up internet and flip phones. We spent most nights using Emily's "free nights and weekends" to be able to talk for hours on end. 

The uniqueness of our courtship meant that we didn't have our first date for more than 2 months after we met. Due to our geographic challenges, Emily would board a plane and fly to Buffalo, NY (where my parents lived) so we could have our first date. Not only would it be our first date, our first face to face meeting, but she would also meet my parents. No pressure.


I can still remember the butterflies and the worries of producing a lackluster first date. So I planned the perfect date. We went to an early movie and then it was on to Chili's for dinner. Being in Buffalo, I decided to add some international flair to our date. So we crossed the border to go into Canada and take in Niagara Falls. 

Throughout the night we talked, we laughed, and we shared stories. I finally got to see her reactions to my bad jokes. She finally got to see how ruggedly handsome I am. Our months of pursuing each other had led to this. 

We've done our best to prioritize dating and pursuing each other for most of our married lives. The value our marriage has received from this cannot be overstated. 

So on September 5th, we will be having Date Night at TCC from 6-8:30pm. Childcare will be provided at the church for those with children. We will also have date kits to help you pursue your two. Register for childcare at