Date Night: Mark's First Date

The story of my first date with Kara is probably as standard and stereotypical as they come. 

  • Boy meets girl.
  • Boy finds he's crazy about the girl.
  • Boy pesters girl for nine months even though she has openly stated she sees him as 'a brother.'
  • Boy gets tired of chasing the girl and gives up.
  • Girl looks around and wonders where the attention went.
  • Girl decides she does like the boy and agrees to go out.


What you and I consider 'stereotypical' may differ yet that is how the beginning of our story went. In short, our story was one that involved a tremendous amount of pursuit. 


Unfortunately, over our sixteen years of marriage, I have not always pursued Kara the way that I did in the beginning. Yet despite changes of address, adjustments to family life and more the reality remains that I need to pursue my two. From scheduled date nights to simple gifts to acts of service and just quality time together, our marriage relationship will grow as we pursue one another.

On September 5th we are hosting at date night for the couples of TCC with the staff (and some approved volunteers) providing childcare for those that need it. We are doing this because we want to make it as easy as possible on that night to pursue your two. 

Interested in having your kids hang out with us so you can pursue your two? Register your kids at