TCCWomen: Mom Squad

Mom Squad- a group for moms, started by other moms who “get it.”  We have been there and done that just like some of you.  We wanted to create a place that we could all come together and just support each other.  We want other moms to know you are not alone in this thing called motherhood.  As one of the great philosophers of our time says (aka Pinterest)  “ain’t no hood  like the MOTHERHOOD!”  Being a mama is not for the weak.  It is a tough job - one that requires a lot of dedication, concentration, various skills, and never-ending energy.  One that offers you many moments of joy and sometimes of heartache too.  The Mom Squad wants to offer a place for all moms to come together and simply support each other through it all.   We want to provide a place for you to laugh, talk, and just hang out with other mamas.  We want to offer encouragement by showing we are all in this together!  Bonus: we have some pretty good snacks and coffee if I do say so myself!  And there is ALWAYS available caffeine! Thank you, Jesus! Can I get an amen?  So if you are a hot mess sometimes, sometimes forget your own name, lose your phone when it’s in your hand, dream of warm cups of coffee and long naps on the beach then you should join us at Mom Squad! 

Our FALL KICK OFF is SEPTEMBER 12TH at 9:30AM. (Located in the gray zone/on the children’s side of TCC)

Beginning October 3rd, it will be on the first Wednesday of every month at 9:30am.  You pour your heart and soul into the little people in your life, and you may just need a reminder that you need a moment too.   Join us for basically a giant playgroup for kids (which is actually an excuse for us moms to have a giant playgroup too!)  We aim to not add to your to-do list, so all you have to do is come.  Just be.  Just hang out. 


  So…what are you waiting for…go check us out!  You can do it right now on our FACEBOOK page!  We will post about our monthly get-togethers there.  Also, we do offer a GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT called "Unplugged" once a month as well.  This is a time to get out with friends (kid free) for the night and just “unplug”!  Dates for this can be found on our Facebook page too!