Kidsciple & WNL! Return

Where did the summer go?! It feels like just yesterday that I was working on plans for summer camp and now here we are almost two weeks into school! As school begins that also means that Kidsciple and Wednesday Night Live! are right around the corner. On Sept. 12 from 6:30-8pm we will be kicking off of each these programs. Here are 3 reasons why you should make sure your children and students are plugged into these programs.

1. Community: It is hard to overstate the importance of children and students connecting with others their own age in a safe and fun environment. I could write a whole article just on this point. We weren't meant to do this life alone. God calls us to community. By forming bonds with other students who love Jesus and learning to live life together, your students are set on a positive trajectory as they move into their next stage of life. 

2. Dynamic learning environment: We definitely have fun and play games in both these programs. But that's not all we do. Becky and I are committed to sharing the truth of the Bible with your children and students. On Wednesday nights, we are able to use some different avenues to accomplish this. In the past, I've taken our students to the cemetery as we were learning about the importance of living in the moment (James 4:14). 

3. Fun: As I mentioned before we do have fun, and we do play games. Fun is important. It helps students engage, connect, and let their guard down. The fun also serves as an excellent avenue for our students to invite their friends to join them on Wednesdays.

So parents put it on your calendar: Sept. 12 6:30-8pm Kidsciple and WNL! are back!