TCCKids: VBS recap

We at TCC recognize there are 15,000 people right outside our doors, in our community that do not know Jesus or have a relationship with Him.  That is one of the reasons we strive to Connect People to Jesus in everything we do.  And while that number can be quite daunting and even overwhelming I was recently reminded that as a church family we will not reach 15,000 people all at one time.  Rather, as a church family, we can connect a smaller group of our community to Jesus, a little at a time. 

As I reflect back on VBS at TCC I am humbled that God allowed us to reach and connect a small number of that 15,000 to Jesus. On average there were 94 kids that attended VBS at TCC every evening. Out of those 94 children, approximately 45 of them do not attend TCC on a regular basis or have never been part of our Sunday Worship services.  We were blessed to have 45 children from the community as well as volunteers that did not take that opportunity lightly! Every single night there was a crew of volunteers that stepped up to the calling of Connecting Kids to Jesus.  Every night they would show up with their best foot forward ready to serve!  Volunteers covered a wide range of positions that is honestly too long to list.  But no matter the position they filled each and every volunteer took hold of the opportunity to connect kids to Jesus. 


The overwhelming concept to think about is that the volunteer crew not only connected those 45 kids to Jesus but they, in turn, helped connect the rest of those 45 family units to Jesus!  The ripple effect has been set into motion.  The 57 willing VBS volunteers are making an impact on that once thought to be daunting 15,000 number.  I am so proud of our TCC family and those that served at VBS!  Each of you are rock stars! Thank you!!

By the way, every Elementary kid that attended VBS was able to recite the Memory Verse from John 10:10.  And collectively through kids and volunteers, VBS raised $1551.51 for Lifewater!