TCCServes Local: Clothing Giveaway

For most of us the statement “I have nothing to wear” is simply an exaggeration. Our closets and drawers have no lack of actual clothes, even ones that fit, it is merely a statement that what we have is not necessarily what we might want or like. However for some in our community, the idea of having little or nothing to wear is not hyperbole, it is a reality. 

Poverty or need is not limited to third world countries or run-down sections of inner cities. Need is found in the single mother who has three kids and works multiple jobs just to try and provide the basics for her children. A need is found in the veteran who since returning has had challenges returning to civilian life yet has insufficient programmatic help to deal with it. The need might be found with the couple who, without warning, lost jobs, the elderly man who has made due with little all his life or the family who moved from another place hoping for a better life only to find a continued struggle. 

Need comes in all forms, shapes, colors, and sizes. 

That is why for over a decade TCC has hosted clothing giveaways. We take in donations from our church family and community and provide an opportunity for individuals to come and pick what may be helpful to them. And once again on October 6, 2018, we are stepping up to help those in need.

All those scenarios I listed above? Those are not made up. Those are real stories that I have seen with my own eyes. And for so many this event serves as a much-needed bit of assistance. For us, however, it is just another way we try to connect people to Jesus.