We Are... New Sermon Series

If someone asked you to describe what a church looks like, how would you respond? Perhaps you would begin detailing a sign with a cross out front. If you are from a more liturgical background you may describe a grand building or cathedral. If you are involved with a church plant you may describe a warehouse, storefront or basement where your community meets. If you are thinking doctrinally you may begin defining the people who make up that fellowship.

Regardless of how you may respond I want to offer a follow-up question, “What is a church SUPPOSED to look like?” Suddenly the question gets a bit more challenging when we replace details with directions. It is at that point we are forced to discern what may be personal preference and what may be a Biblical command. And yet I ask, “What is a church SUPPOSED to look like?”

Over the next several weeks we will be working our way through a series simply titled “We Are.” This is our attempt at an annual discussion about the church – our church – what it is and what it should be. In some instances you may hear a statement or description and say, “Yes…that’s us!” In other moments you may hear more of a description to say, “This is who we want to be when we grow up.” But throughout this series the hope is this: we want to understand what we, as Christ’s church, are supposed to look like. Then, by His grace and mercy, take steps to become that.

I hope this week you will be present as we begin discussing who we are – together – in one service at 10:00 AM.