TCCServes: Night to Shine Boutique 2019

This past Friday TCC hosted our second free formal wear boutique for our Night To Shine guests. Amber Bellamy and her team coordinated a boutique last year before Night To Shine, and they were excited to host one again this year. I was not able to help or attend the boutique last year, so I went into this event not exactly sure what to expect. The months leading up to the boutique, Amber and I found joy in the prep work of gathering formal wear donations, advertising the event, and watching the registrations come in. The Sunday before the boutique Amber and I were joined by our small groups to help set up. Our joy continued to grow as we realized just how many formal dresses, shirts, suits, jewelry, shoes, and accessories our church family had donated. Quickly there was a transformation of our sanctuary into a formal wear shop and classrooms into welcoming changing rooms including runways and mirrors.

The morning of the boutique I found myself worried that we would not have enough clothing or the appropriate sizes for each of our anticipated guests. Amber and I prayed for God to show off and allow each and every guest to find something that helped them feel beautiful, amazing, and special. I felt urged to stop at the Goodwill on my way to the boutique. God did exactly what we asked of Him, He showed off. Just hours before the event God provided three formal dresses in the exact sizes guests had requested. TCC Family, that was just the beginning of God’s provision for this event.

God provided the best possible volunteers for the boutique. Volunteers that were thrilled and humbled to serve our honored guests. Volunteers that put in many hours that day with a smile on their face. Volunteers that “burned the midnight oil” on sewing projects for our guests.

I mentioned earlier I went into this event not exactly sure what to expect. Turns out I was in no way prepared for the immense joy and blessing God had in store for me. As I watched the first guest step onto our makeshift runway and get a glimpse of themselves in the mirrors, I was overwhelmed. I was overwhelmed with the beauty displayed before me. The beauty of a perfectly fitting dress that at one time was probably someone’s bridesmaid dress but yet it appeared to be altered and created specifically for this individual. The beauty of someone’s late night seamstress work that now elegantly adorned our guest’s shoulders. The tear-filled eyes of a mother that stood in awe of her child’s beauty. The quiet and simple expression of an individual that was filled with confidence and for a moment truly saw themselves as God sees them.

It was in that moment that it all clicked. Those beautiful moments are what Night To Shine is all about. Making ourselves available for God to utilize us in a way that provides others opportunity to see themselves the way He sees them. The boutique hosted an abundance of these moments, more than Amber and I could possibly put into words. TCC Family, it’s our hope you will make yourself available to participate in these moments. Please consider being a buddy at Night To Shine for your opportunity.