TCCServes: Night to Shine 2019

We are five days post Night to Shine, and I find myself just as overwhelmed with thankfulness as I was Friday evening. The event went extremely well, and that is due to the work and dedication of many teams of people. If I can, I would love to show just a fraction of my appreciation for these fantastic teams of people.

First, our directors Jan Gillespie and Kathy Garman. These ladies poured many hours into making Night to Shine a success. They lead well, prayed hard, and worked endlessly. Thank you to both of them along with their spouses for immense sacrifices the past several months.

Another group of individuals that vastly contributed to Night to Shine is our amazing team leads. There were numerous areas that needed covered, prepared, and coordinated. Our many team leads made all of that happen! Each team lead took on the responsibility to recruit, communicate, and equip a team of volunteers before the event. The ideas they each brought to the table still amaze me. They combined passion and dedication to the benefit of our honored guests. I can not thank the team leads enough for all they did. Team leads were truly the grease that made the whole machine called Night to Shine work seamlessly.


Yet again, the Riverside staff partnered with us to celebrate and minister to our honored guests. Particularly the recreation team along with Brittany Ulman were a massive help in preparation for Night to Shine. The group at Riverside not only sent over many trained individuals to volunteer during the event, but they were instrumental in the planning and prep. Riverside hosted training for our many volunteers along with vital information that helped us minister to our honored guests on an elevated level. Thank you Riverside!

The TCC staff and Ken Kessler have outdone themselves. This amazing and loving team of people were the backbone to Night to Shine. Each of them not only managed and carried out individual responsibilities for the event, but were never short of encouragement for me personally. Never did I feel like I was coordinating this event on an island. They were quick to step in and help wherever needed. Their behind the scenes efforts were greatly appreciated!

Last, but far from least, are the many volunteers from Troy Christian Church and Piqua Christian Church. Night to Shine simply would not exist without volunteers to serve and celebrate our honored guests. There were numerous volunteers from both of these church families and I’m thankful for you! I was in awe of the love you shared with not only with guests but those around you. Thank you for being salt and light in this world!

Night to Shine has quickly become the greatest night of the year for me. I am humbled to have a front row seat to God’s goodness and love. There are endless stories of God showing up and showing off through this event. I invite you to read some of Night to Shine stories along with share your own story. Check out