Why Camp Matters

We here at TCC are so excited for the rapidly approaching camp season (otherwise known as “summer” to most of the world). This is a special time of the year that we find incredibly valuable for the kids and students in our church family. I know that I personally have loved serving at our camps these past few years as a counselor and the sponsored missionary for Jr. and Sr. High Camp.

When talking about camp, it’s easy to focus in on all the fun that we have while we’re out at Western Buckeye – belly-flop contests, ultimate frisbee, basketball games and “Fortnite Live” to name a few, but really, camp is so much more than just games and fun.

Camp is a time where kids and students have a chance to experience Jesus, whether it’s their first experience or their hundredth, and take another step closer in their relationship with Him. These last few summers we have seen students make the decision to be baptized and even more students who are challenged to make their faith their own. Camp is a time where kids and students can dedicate time away from their normal routine to grow in their relationship with Christ and build friendships with counselors and other Christians their age so that when they come back home, they’re even more equipped to share their faith and change the world.

We are so excited for camp. We can’t wait to see the life change that will happen in our kids and students as they prioritize God this summer.  See Becky or me at the info desk for more information.