Egg Hunt 2019

This past Saturday was the annual Family Egg Hunt. Despite the rain, the event went well with over 200 people in attendance. A majority of those that attended were from our community and new to TCC. While the Egg Hunt appears to be your typical spring festivity, it holds a great deal of importance for many of the TCCKids. Something you may not realize is that the Family Egg Hunt is not planned and/or carried out by a group of adult volunteers nor me. The Egg Hunt from beginning to end is planned, prepared, and carried out by the students involved in the Wednesday night program, Kidsciple. For nearly two months on Wednesday evenings, 4th-6th-grade children stuffed eggs, made plans and prayed for the event. The Easter Egg Hunt was their project.

A project that was not small by any means. Kidsciple worked hard to ensure each child that attended their Egg Hunt had plenty of eggs to find. Their efforts resulted in 9,800 eggs! 9,800 eggs individually filled with candy or small prizes. The 4th-6th graders were also responsible for setting up tables, chairs, and decorating for the event. They worked hard and put in many hours of prep. It was such an exciting experience watching them as they quickly took ownership of the event, covered it in prayer, took pride in the project along with experiencing a leadership role. Honestly, it was the kids' way of serving and growing. They devoted time, energy and prayers.

Although the kids were the primary leads for the Egg Hunt, many other volunteers made the event possible. A huge thank you to all the pancake makers that arrived early Saturday morning to help prepare over 60 pounds of pancake batter. Thanks to Melissa Goad and Micah Tracy who sacrificed their entire Friday to create the awesome customized shirts for the students. I can’t express enough appreciation for Bob Bright and Danny Miller in their service to the kids and this event. They equipped the kids to manage the parking lot for our guests, and to the crew that helped set up chairs, thank you!

It is because of the kids’ willingness to lead along with the TCC Family’s willingness to serve that the Egg Hunt went well. Thank you! Thank you for serving our community. Thank you for putting your lives into play and allowing God to use you! I’m proud to be part of this TCC Family.