TCCServes: Teacher Appreciation Baskets

As most of you know, our church family at TCC donated supplies to the teachers and other staff members at Hook Elementary. I truly believe that teachers are to be honored, encouraged, and given thanks for all they do in the lives of every child they teach. They work very long hours and often purchase supplies from their own income.  So what a blessing it was to have Becky Perry allow us to serve the teachers through the Teacher Appreciation Baskets. Our church family donated supplies, assembled the baskets, and then delivered them to each teacher and prayed over their school year and the students they impact. So thank you to our Prayer Team, all who donated the supplies, and to those who assembled and delivered the baskets. What a privilege and an honor to serve our local teachers at Hook Elementary in the name of Christ. After all, we are called to be a light unto the world and to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

We would like to thank everyone who donated supplies for the Hook Elementary teacher baskets. Thank you to Tammy Gass, Karen Heiss, Courtney Weger, Jesse Weger, and McKenzie Weger for helping assemble the baskets.  Thanks also to the Dodd family, Sandy Lensch, Joyce Morrow, Bradyn Weger, Courtney Weger, McKenzie Weger, and the TCC Staff for delivering the baskets to the school.