Starting Point

We as a church are moving forward into the exciting future that God is creating for us. We are committed to doing so as a group of people who are dedicated to Him, His Word, and His mission.
As a leadership team of elders and staff, we believe it is time in the life of the church to gather everyone together around the core things that we believe as a church which are outlined for us in the Bible. This seven-week series will unfold for us what we believe about the Bible, sin, salvation, the Church, church membership, our mission, church leadership, communion, and baptism. The priority and clarification of these concepts will be rooted in the Bible.
This Starting Point material will later become an introductory discipleship class at TCC that we will ask everyone who wants to become a member to attend. Because we think that unity and an understanding of these issues are so important, we will be presenting it to the whole church through our messages during the Sunday morning worship. At the end of the series, we will be offering those who are not yet members the opportunity to join TCC. We will also be asking those who are members to commit their lives to membership once again as a part of accomplishing God’s purpose and mission for TCC.
Please plan on being here for all of these important messages, or, if for some reason you are unable to attend one of the weeks, commit to listening to them online