TCCServes Global: Pat McWhorter

Continuing an Active Summer

We are continuing an active summer here at KidZ at Heart. For the first part of July we had a team travel to Honduras to train in three locations. The training went well even as some of the participants from the previous year were unable to make it due to a public transportation strike because of the skyrocketing fuel prices. We are about 1-2 years out from having licensed KidZ at Heart trainers in Honduras. At that point, they will be able to conduct training throughout the year and our short-term teams will be able to come in and compliment the training by the Honduras licensed trainers. 


While I write this, we have a team in Saltillo, Mexico conducting training. This is a team of adults and students who are conducting KidZ at Heart training as well as assisting our partner organization with some other projects. This is our second year in this location and it is exciting to be able to go back and continue the training we started last year and to continue to build the relationships.


We also have two teams finishing up their final preparations for trips in August. One team is preparing for training in Moldova, August 22 - September 1.  This team of 4 from California will continue the work going on in eastern Europe. As with Honduras, we are working towards getting licensed trainers ready to be able to train other children's ministry leaders in Moldova throughout the year, complimented by training conducted by short-term teams. We are a couple years from this next phase in launching the training network in Moldova.


The second August trip is the trip I am leading to conduct training in Malawi and Zambia, August 25 - September 17