Mother's Day and the Importance of Community

For many, Mother's Day is a difficult day.

"The woman who stayed home from church to avoid the fanfare — the reminder of what she doesn't have but desperately desires. The single mom with no husband to rally her children around her to celebrate. The woman who lost her baby this year, this mom. The mother with a wayward child, for whom Mother's Day makes her wonder if she's less of a mother than the women standing beside her, holding their roses. The adoptive mom, whose motherhood means fielding the pain of her child's loss in the form of confusion and anger. The daughter without a mother.

Our western world celebrates while some cry in the shadows.

He sees you. He carries your loss; His heart beats for your ache. He is nearest to you, today, woman. Every hurt you feel in secret, He sees and carries in His frame. He is more engaged than you could imagine, more entwined with your loss, and your wait, and your secret, desperate prayers.

As you pull the covers high in an attempt to hide from all the reminders, may you sense His gentle hand on your back ... His whisper in your ear: I see you. I know you.

Let this whisper be everything today."

- Sara Hagerty

We at TCC desire to celebrate the women that pour into our lives, love us and guide us. We also have a great desire that those who ache and experience pain to know and believe you are seen. Mother's Day can bring complicated, complex, or even confusing emotions. We hope that even in the midst of pain, you can find joy and healing. As three of our ladies shared in a video on Sunday, relationships can bring great healing. If you find yourself in a season of pain, we encourage you to seek out Godly relationships within this church body. There are many individuals in our TCC Family that would greatly benefit from you pouring into them. Often times, God uses your service to others as a journey towards joy. I can speak from personal experience that in my seasons of pain, my God-centered relationships were what God used to pull me out of pits of despair. Please also consider that maybe this is not a season for you to pour into someone but instead you allowing someone to pour into your life. Life is hard, but God provides us with community and relationships to help us. TCC Family, we urge you to seek out these relationships. We all desperately need each other.

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