"A new command I give you: Love one another, as i have loved you, so you must love one another.

By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." 

 John 13:34-35

Oh, Love.

Idolized in countless songs, novels, and movies, love is often portrayed as red hearts, slow walks along the beach, and the warm fuzzies we feel when we look at someone special.

But love isn’t any of those things. Love is an action. It isn’t something we feel, it is something we do that requires a conscious choice.

In our key verse it says it three separate times….Love one another. It doesn’t say “love the ones that are easy to love”. It simply says “love one another”.


Yes, the easy ones to love, but also those in our life that are very very difficult to love. The ones that annoy us. The ones that hurt us. The ones that don’t deserve it. The easy ones, the hard ones, the ones that you don’t even know. Love them.


Because that is how Christ loves us.

“As i have loved you”- Let’s focus on this phrase for a moment.

How did Jesus love?

He healed.

He served.

He taught.

He fed.  

He sacrificed his time, his comfort, his very own life for people. All people. The ones that loved him and followed him and the ones that hated him. The ones that mocked him and killed him. He loved them all.  

I am not saying it is easy. I am certainly not saying it is fair. But if we want our life to be a shining example of Christ alive in us, we must love one another.


Discussion Questions:


  1. Can you think of a person in your life that is loving? What specific ways do they display Christ’s love?

  2. Are you known as a follower of Christ by how you love others?

  3. What circumstance in your life are you currently facing that you could demonstrate Christ’s love?

  4. Brainstorm with your partner: What practical ways can you show love to those you already love, to those you have a hard time loving, and to those you don’t even know?

Prayer Point

         Pray that God will help you to see those who need to experience his love. Pray that you may be the one to show them his love.


Monthly Challenge: DTR

Define the relationship. Sit down with your partner and share with them what you hope to get out of this relationship over the next 6 months. Be open and honest. Mentees- you get to go first!

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