July 2018- Faith in Action

...so faith without works is dead. James 2:26b

Wow. That was quick and to the point! No flowery words or beating around the bush! James tells it just like it is.

Let’s make one thing clear before we go on; James is NOT saying that the good works you do can save you. We are saved only by the gift of grace (Ephesians 2:8-9). James IS saying however that true and genuine faith simply cannot exist without corresponding works. When you love something (or someone) you just can’t help it. You just HAVE to talk about it.

I had the best, most embarrassing, couldn’t be more spectacular grandparents in the entire world. They were the type of grandparents that would carry around those wallet photo albums with year by year photos of their granddaughters and (much to my teenage chagrin) wouldn’t hesitate to whip them out at a moments notice to any stranger on the street who even dared to ask if they had grandchildren. They loved me and my sisters completely, but they loved Jesus more.

My grandparents loved Jesus so much that they couldn’t help but pass that love on to anyone they came in to contact with… and I do mean ANYONE! I witnessed countless people being sideswiped by my grandparents faith in God overflowing into good works. After decades upon decades of faithfully following the Lord, loving and serving others just bubbled out of them. They just loved Jesus so much that they couldn’t help but love on his people too.

Do you know someone like that?

Are you someone like that?

Is your faith in Jesus so strong that it can’t help but spill out onto those you come in contact with?

I love the way Mother Teresa put it when she said “Faith in action is love, and love in action is service”.


Discussion Questions:

  1. Read this verse in context (James 2:14-26) out loud with your partner. What parts really stand out to you?

  2. If a stranger had a window in to your life and was able to see your actions, do you think that they would know what you believe? Why or Why not?

Prayer Point

  1. Pray that your faith in God will result in good works affecting those around you for His glory.


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