TCCServes: Night to Shine 2019

We are five days post Night to Shine, and I find myself just as overwhelmed with thankfulness as I was Friday evening. The event went extremely well, and that is due to the work and dedication of many teams of people. If I can, I would love to show just a fraction of my appreciation for these fantastic teams of people.

First, our directors Jan Gillespie and Kathy Garman. These ladies poured many hours into making Night to Shine a success. They lead well, prayed hard, and worked endlessly. Thank you to both of them along with their spouses for immense sacrifices the past several months.

Another group of individuals that vastly contributed to Night to Shine is our amazing team leads. There were numerous areas that needed covered, prepared, and coordinated. Our many team leads made all of that happen! Each team lead took on the responsibility to recruit, communicate, and equip a team of volunteers before the event. The ideas they each brought to the table still amaze me. They combined passion and dedication to the benefit of our honored guests. I can not thank the team leads enough for all they did. Team leads were truly the grease that made the whole machine called Night to Shine work seamlessly.


Yet again, the Riverside staff partnered with us to celebrate and minister to our honored guests. Particularly the recreation team along with Brittany Ulman were a massive help in preparation for Night to Shine. The group at Riverside not only sent over many trained individuals to volunteer during the event, but they were instrumental in the planning and prep. Riverside hosted training for our many volunteers along with vital information that helped us minister to our honored guests on an elevated level. Thank you Riverside!

The TCC staff and Ken Kessler have outdone themselves. This amazing and loving team of people were the backbone to Night to Shine. Each of them not only managed and carried out individual responsibilities for the event, but were never short of encouragement for me personally. Never did I feel like I was coordinating this event on an island. They were quick to step in and help wherever needed. Their behind the scenes efforts were greatly appreciated!

Last, but far from least, are the many volunteers from Troy Christian Church and Piqua Christian Church. Night to Shine simply would not exist without volunteers to serve and celebrate our honored guests. There were numerous volunteers from both of these church families and I’m thankful for you! I was in awe of the love you shared with not only with guests but those around you. Thank you for being salt and light in this world!

Night to Shine has quickly become the greatest night of the year for me. I am humbled to have a front row seat to God’s goodness and love. There are endless stories of God showing up and showing off through this event. I invite you to read some of Night to Shine stories along with share your own story. Check out

TCCServes: Night to Shine Boutique 2019

This past Friday TCC hosted our second free formal wear boutique for our Night To Shine guests. Amber Bellamy and her team coordinated a boutique last year before Night To Shine, and they were excited to host one again this year. I was not able to help or attend the boutique last year, so I went into this event not exactly sure what to expect. The months leading up to the boutique, Amber and I found joy in the prep work of gathering formal wear donations, advertising the event, and watching the registrations come in. The Sunday before the boutique Amber and I were joined by our small groups to help set up. Our joy continued to grow as we realized just how many formal dresses, shirts, suits, jewelry, shoes, and accessories our church family had donated. Quickly there was a transformation of our sanctuary into a formal wear shop and classrooms into welcoming changing rooms including runways and mirrors.

The morning of the boutique I found myself worried that we would not have enough clothing or the appropriate sizes for each of our anticipated guests. Amber and I prayed for God to show off and allow each and every guest to find something that helped them feel beautiful, amazing, and special. I felt urged to stop at the Goodwill on my way to the boutique. God did exactly what we asked of Him, He showed off. Just hours before the event God provided three formal dresses in the exact sizes guests had requested. TCC Family, that was just the beginning of God’s provision for this event.

God provided the best possible volunteers for the boutique. Volunteers that were thrilled and humbled to serve our honored guests. Volunteers that put in many hours that day with a smile on their face. Volunteers that “burned the midnight oil” on sewing projects for our guests.

I mentioned earlier I went into this event not exactly sure what to expect. Turns out I was in no way prepared for the immense joy and blessing God had in store for me. As I watched the first guest step onto our makeshift runway and get a glimpse of themselves in the mirrors, I was overwhelmed. I was overwhelmed with the beauty displayed before me. The beauty of a perfectly fitting dress that at one time was probably someone’s bridesmaid dress but yet it appeared to be altered and created specifically for this individual. The beauty of someone’s late night seamstress work that now elegantly adorned our guest’s shoulders. The tear-filled eyes of a mother that stood in awe of her child’s beauty. The quiet and simple expression of an individual that was filled with confidence and for a moment truly saw themselves as God sees them.

It was in that moment that it all clicked. Those beautiful moments are what Night To Shine is all about. Making ourselves available for God to utilize us in a way that provides others opportunity to see themselves the way He sees them. The boutique hosted an abundance of these moments, more than Amber and I could possibly put into words. TCC Family, it’s our hope you will make yourself available to participate in these moments. Please consider being a buddy at Night To Shine for your opportunity.

Meet Charlie!

For those of you who may not know me, I’m Charlie Sheehan, and I’m so excited to be coming on to help out as the new interim Student Minister! My family and I have been attending TCC since we first moved to Troy in 2006, and I have been mostly away for the past 7 years attending college and planting a church at Wright State University. You may recognize me from my most recent role as Joseph in our Christmas service, or from one of the times I was able to play guitar with the worship team. Most of the students already know who I am, as I’ve been able to help at camp the last few summers, and have volunteered at WNL!

For the past few years, after I graduated BGSU, I have been a part of a new church plant at Wright State University called H2O. I’ve loved my time leading and mentoring college students, and I can’t wait to learn and grow in this new area of ministry here at TCC! My new fiancée, Erin, and I are both thrilled to get to become part of the wonderful community that is TCC and to get to work with all of the elders, staff, and volunteers to help connect people to Jesus.

TCCServes: Giving Tree

Another Giving Tree Project hosted by TCC has been completed.  The Giving Tree Project started the middle of November, and it has been exciting to watch it unfold. TCC has hosted this Christmas project for several years, and while minor details have changed, the overall purpose has remained the same; provide a gift and express God’s love simply and unconditionally. Our efforts have been primarily focused on the individuals associated with the Riverside Developmental Disabled community.  The past two years we have been able to include a local elementary school, providing gifts to some students and their siblings as well. To those of you who selected and fulfilled a Giving Tree tag, your generosity does not go unnoticed.  I truly wish each and every one of you could fully grasp the impact created by your selfless giving.  To help pull back the veil, as you will, I’ve asked Melony Harman to share her insights.  Melony has helped organize this project for the past two years.  

Giving Tree has become a special part of Christmas!  We not only get to give to someone as the Harman family but we also get to be a part of watching the family at TCC stepping up and loving on so many people. Loving other people is a huge thing God called us to do and it was awesome to see all of you respond in such an effortless way.  We started with 151 tags and this past Sunday we fulfilled EVERY SINGLE TAG!  

Every tag has a story. For example, there was a man who was sleeping on a twin mattress that he was hanging off of and now this Christmas he will be able to have a comfortable nights sleep.  A teen who wanted a set of curtains and beads for her doorway can add some fun decor to her room.   A little boy is going to have many adventures with his dinosaurs and Mr. Potato ahead of him. This is all because of you all taking the time to give and love!   

I hope that your heart was given the gift mine was.  Thinking of all the smiles that those packages will bring truly warms my heart this Christmas!!! Merry Christmas TCC!!! 

TCC Family, I must admit that I often slip into a jaded or even judgmental mentality when it comes to serving or giving.  The beauty of this project is that it challenges and reminds me of Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 25:40, “'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.' 

The elementary child represented on our Giving Tree didn't make a poor choice that landed their family in financial hardship.  

The individual with special needs did not choose to be isolated or forgotten.  

The precious people receiving your selfless gifts are the most deserving of a joyous Christmas and TCC family, you helped provide just that! On behalf of the many you served, Thank you.  Thank you for choosing generosity.  Thank you for sharing and expressing God’s love simply and unconditionally.  

I’m humbled by God’s love, and blessing poured out on us as a church family. I’m proud that we chose to share that love and blessing with those around us. 

I love you TCC family. 

TCCWomen's Christmas Dinner Recap

We had an excellent turnout for our Annual Women’s Christmas Dinner. Almost 100 ladies came out to enjoy a meal together as well as a night of fellowship, humor, and great food for thought about the simplicity of what this season is all about and about the quiet night where it all began.

We would like to thank the men who did a great job serving at the dinner. We would like to thank our 13 table hostesses for their beautiful decorations as well as Josh Harman for running our sound and also filming and editing our videos. Thanks also goes out to Amanda Nowman for doing a fantastic job in acting in our skit. We really appreciate everyone’s help in pulling his night off. It was a wonderful evening of fellowship and glorifying the Lord. 

Heather Miller and the Women’s Ministry Team

TCCServes: Story from Caroling

On Sunday night, I went caroling with some of our TCC Family.  There was a man at the nursing home, and his door was only partially open.  Most of us passed by him because we assumed that he didn't want to be bothered, but my mom knocked on his door.  I thought it was going to be a mean old man that didn't want to be bothered, so I was kind of annoyed.  She asked if he wanted us to sing a carol to him.  He couldn't hear her, so Jimmy Morlan asked him, and he said sure.  We sang Silent Night, and when we were done, he had tears in his eyes.  Naturally, I started tearing up because I cry whenever other people cry.  He told us that he lost his wife three years ago, and he hasn't been able to get over it.  They had been married almost 70 years-- four months shy of it.  He said they had been dating five years before that because he waited until after he got back from World War II to marry her.  I started crying even more.  He told us that the Girl Scouts and their moms had come to decorate his door, and when they were finished, he had shown them something.  He asked us if we wanted to see it too, and we said sure.  He went back into his room, came out with a small case, and took a little harmonica out.  He told us it was a one-octave harmonica.  He said he had one that was 100 years old, but that wasn't the one he showed us.  He said that not many people know about these little harmonicas, and we replied that we hadn't seen one before either.  He asked if he could play a song for us, and we said yes.  He played Jesus Loves Me. I was crying so much when he was playing it for us, because I couldn't imagine all he had been through and I could tell how much he loved that little harmonica, and that it clearly meant something to him.  When he was done, we told him Merry Christmas, and my mom and I hugged him.  He said that I was a sweet girl.  Then we headed down the hall to continue caroling.  We stopped and talked about how we had almost missed that opportunity, and how much he blessed us.  We went there to try to bless others, but we ended up being blessed a lot more than we thought we would be.  

Girl Scouts Help TCC Food Pantry

Girl Scout Troop 21285 meets here at TCC twice a month, and they recently used money from their troop fund for a service project.  Their project consisted of purchasing and collecting food and toiletries for our food pantry. They brought all the items to the church and joyfully stocked the shelves full! These nine six-year-old girls have made a significant impact on the lives of those who visit our food pantry this month and maybe even next month given the abundance of items donated! Thank you, and God Bless these precious little girls and their families for being the hands and feet of Jesus.

TCCServes: Caroling

We have the opportunity to love on our community in a special way this Sunday, December 9th, singing Christmas carols in many of our assisted living facilities, as well as downtown on the square. 

We will meet here at TCC at 5:30 PM, and break into caroling teams. Your team will be given a caroling destination and caroling songbooks, and venture out together to bring songs of hope and Christmas cheer to our community. 

TCCKids will be providing children's programming for nursery- pre-K, so bring your little ones here, and we'll keep them busy while you serve! Afterward, meet back at TCC to pick up kiddos, and join us for a warm-up reception with cookies and hot chocolate!

We have several places expecting carolers this year, so please come out and help us spread some " the World".

TCCKids Update

This month in TCCKids we are focusing on the birth of Jesus. The Preschool zones are celebrating His birth with a Birthday Bash every week. This Birthday Bash includes helping preschool kids think of what Jesus would want for His birthday. This past Sunday, Mandy and her volunteers talked to the kids about feeding God’s people, including a trip to our TCC food pantry for them to see how they can help those around them. Elementary kids are celebrating the birth of Jesus with a focus on compassion.  In Kids Church this past Sunday, elementary kids focused on John 3:16 and how God saw our greatest need and did something extraordinary about it!  

We are just one week in and I am excited for this month and the journey we get to go on with kids leading up to Christmas.  It’s the goal of TCCKids to help kids focus on the giving part of the season through the celebration of Jesus and the concept of compassion.  As always we invite parents to join us in this collaborative goal.  Here are two tools we are offering to help in that effort: 

1- Christmas Caroling.  TCC is hosting an evening of Christmas Caroling this Sunday (December 9). Meet us at the church at 5:30 pm.  Josh will have caroling books available, and we will create teams to go out in the community and spread Christmas cheer. This is an excellent opportunity to put into action what our kids are learning about throughout the month.  We encourage elementary kids to be involved and travel with their parents into the community.  Given the colder weather, nursery and preschool programming will be available at the church.  No sign up necessary just come this Sunday 5:30-7:30 pm.  

2- Stay connected. Just as Christmas caroling provides an opportunity for parents to continue our Bible lessons at home, we invite parents to be part of the lesson topics every day.  TCCKids invites parents to engage using the Parent Cue App.  The Parent Cue App is designed to help every parent do something each week to help move their child toward a deeper faith and a better future. You can read more about the purpose of the app as well as download it here.

Christmas at TCC

"When they [shepherds] had seen him, they spread the word concerning what had been told them about this child, and all who heard it were amazed at what the shepherds said to them" Luke 2:17-18

Ever had a story that is just too good not to tell? My daughters always do. Often times they can't wait to tell two different stories at the same time. Their excitement at even the littlest of events in their lives is infectious. They are just bursting at the seams to tell the story. 

In Luke's account of the birth of Jesus, we find the shepherds to be in the same frame of mind. The angels have visited them and told them of Jesus' birth. They leave their flocks and hurry to find Jesus. When they've seen him, they go and start telling all who will listen to what has happened. I can only imagine their excitement at what had transpired.

A study performed by LifeWay Research shows that across the country, Americans are much more likely to attend church at Christmas time. When asked the question: “If someone you know invited you to attend church with them at Christmas, how likely would you be to attend?” Over half (57%) of respondents said they’d be likely to come.  

We have an opportunity during this Christmas season to be like the shepherds who spread the Good News of Jesus' birth. You don't have to preach a sermon or break down some complicated Biblical text. What if you just invited someone you know to church during the Christmas season? At TCC, we want to connect people to Jesus. That is not just the mission of the church or just the staff, it is the mission of all of the individuals who make up the church. And it's not just about the church's mission, it's what Jesus called us to do. 

We've armed you with a couple of resources to make this a bit easier. We have invitations at the Info Desk to help maybe just start the conversation. Also, we have a web page with all of the Christmas at TCC details in one place:

Let us be like the shepherds from so long ago and spread the Good News of Jesus this Christmas season.

TCCServes: Night to Shine

Troy Christian Church is proud to be an official host church for the 2019 Night To Shine sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation. Night To Shine is an unforgettable prom night experience, centered on God’s love, for people with special needs (ages 14 and older). This event is hosted worldwide by an estimated 700 churches around the world simultaneously on Friday, February 8, 2019

This will be the third year TCC has hosted this unforgettable event.  Night To Shine provides an amazing and enjoyable opportunity to serve and love those that are often forgotten or overlooked by many.  The event is not only unforgettable for our many honored guests but also for the many selfless volunteers that participate.  TCC is currently in need of over 250 volunteers for Night To Shine.  Our most significant and urgent need is for buddies.  Buddies are paired with an honored guest and will accompany them throughout the evening of February 8, 2019. There is a wide range of other volunteer positions available. Check out for more detailed information and to register as a volunteer.  

Night To Shine 2018 was amazing, check it out :

TCCServes Local: Giving Tree

The annual Giving Tree project begins this Sunday, November 18.  This TCCServes project started in 2014 with TCC adopting numerous members of the Riverside Developmentally Disabled community.  Every year the TCC family has been able to provide Christmas gifts to many individuals, with that number increasing each year.  Last year we provided gifts to over 30 people, and we hope to give even more this year. 

Riverside provides us with a list of gift requests consisting of two wants and two needs from each individual they have selected. As the gift requests start to pour in, I am humbled by many of the requests.  Each year in the category of “wants” there are requests made for socks, underwear, dish towels, soap and the like.  Items that I quite honestly view more as basic needs rather than wishes, wants or desires.  For the people we serve through the Giving Tree Project; however, these items are much desired.  The Giving Tree project is ideal for TCC in that we have the opportunity to simply love others well.  We may never meet or know the person who receives our purchased gift, and that’s what I love about this project!  It provides us with the opportunity to give a gift, express God’s love in an unconditional and straightforward manner.  The gifts that our congregation have provided in years past have truly brought joy to many individuals.  

Gift request tags are available this Sunday, November 18.  Take a moment before or after service to select a tag from one of the trees located on the sanctuary stage.  You are welcome to take as many tags as you wish.  We ask that you make one of the attendants know which gift request you are going to fulfill.  All gift tag requests need to be purchased, wrapped and returned by Sunday, December 16.  

The Power of Purpose

Dr. Joe Ellis is the author of a book entitled “The Church on Purpose.” Dr. Ellis is the former Dean of the Graduate School of the then Cincinnati Bible Seminary. He has authored many books on evangelism and spiritual growth and conducted Church growth seminars across the country.

In his book, he devotes a chapter to “The Power of Purpose.” In that chapter, he talks about bringing in an organizational consultant to help address a church growth issue. The consultant indicates that when he is brought in, he always asks two questions of people. Those questions are appropriate for us at Troy Christian Church in our quest for effective ministry. I have listed them below:

“What are you suppose to be doing?”

“ How well are you doing it?”

The first question deals with purposefulness- that is the clear and dominant sense of what one is supposed to accomplish. The second question deals with rationality-that is the intelligent, deliberate, reasoned actions that move effectively toward accomplishing that purpose.

We need to be able to answer the questions individually and collectively to determine the overall effectiveness of Troy Christian Church in our community. Our purpose statement indicates “Troy Christian Church exists to connect people to Jesus and help them grow to be more like Him.”

The key question remains, and that is "how well are you doing it?". One of the best ways to attempt to answer the question is to look at your calendar and determine where you are spending the bulk of your time. Are you concentrating on activities that support the question, "what you are supposed to be doing?". Are you too busy with other “things” to get to your true purpose? Sometimes we get so busy doing “Ministry Stuff” that we forget to do Ministry.

Dr. Ellis’s book is a good reminder of priorities and also the simplicity of our earthly mission. It does a great job of pointing out the Power of Purpose!

Purposefully serving Him with you, Connecting Others to Jesus. 

TCCServes Local: Sweet Dreams Project

"Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us," Ephesians 3:20 (KJV)

The seed of an idea was planted in the heart of one of our Women's Ministry leaders, and God produced a harvest exceedingly abundantly more than we ever planned. The Soul Sisters Sweet Dreams project kicked off in September with a goal to provide new pillows and pillowcases for clients at Franklin House (a local family abuse shelter) so that when they leave the shelter, they can take something comforting with them to their new residence. Could we collect 50 pillows and 50 pillowcases?? God laughed and thanks to the generosity of our TCC church family, Franklin House received 125 pillows and 125 pillowcases! Even though we are no longer collecting at the church, ladies may sew during the cold winter months and give donations directly to Jan Gillespie or contact her at 937-974-6409 for pick up. Thank you TCC family for your generosity. To God be the glory!!

Honoring our Veterans

In recognition of Veterans Day, we wanted to take a moment to honor some of our oldest veterans.

Fern (581x775).jpg

Fern (Caplinger) Metcalf:

  • Fern enlisted in the Navy in 1943 as a WAVE with the job of Pharmacists Mate 1st Class.

  • She came from a small town in Indiana and her experience in the Navy was exciting, but highly regimented. She said she would get up in the morning when her sergeant told her to, go to training and eat chow when they told her to, and then go to sleep when they told her to. All of this was quite foreign to a 20-year old out in the world for the first time.

  • Just like many of the WWII Veterans one might talk to, Fern says while in the Navy she just did her job.  As a Pharmacists Mate 3rd Class, she took temperatures and the pulses of the 30 patients on her ward.  She gave them baths, back rubs and served them meals.  She also gave them shots and dispensed medicines.  She did all of this with the help of only one other nurse on her floor.

  • She would sometimes say that it would sound like she was griping, but this was just reality.  “It was tough at times, but we kept our chin up as we were doing our part in keeping America-America.”

Warren (192x256).jpg

Warren T. Thompson:

  • Warren served as a Corporal in the Infantry during WWII. Because he was a little younger, he didn’t get into the war until it was close to the end.

  • His job, once he got to Europe (which was quite an experience for a boy from the hills of West Virginia), he worked his way through Germany and ended up in Czechoslovakia where he was detailed to guard a train depot with his squad.  He and his guys were on one side of the depot and Russian troops were on the other side.

  • When you talk to him about his time in the service, he, too, says he was just doing his job.  Nothing special.

Fern’s and Warren’s stories are typical of the millions of men and women who have stepped up since the Revolutionary War and taken on the roles of defenders of our freedoms and our country. When the enemies of freedom and faith threaten us, we have called on people like Fern and Warren to leave their homes and families to fight these battles for us.  Isaiah (8:6) says, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?  Then I said ‘Here am I!  Send me.’”

Veteran’s Day is a special day set aside to honor people like Fern and Warren and others who have said “Here I am.  Send me.” So let us honor them and the other Veterans in our church family who have served and helped to maintain our way of life and the freedom to worship our Lord as we see fit.

TCCServes: Night to Shine Boutique

With Night to Shine looming in just 3 short months, now is the time of year things start really ramping up in preparation for this awesome event. As you may be aware, last year we decided to launch a boutique to go along with Night to Shine. Because of generous donations and a lot of volunteer sweat, a few weeks before the event we were able to open up the doors and invite in the participants to shop for their formal wear.  This year, we want to do it again.  

Writing these things is never easy for me. And in this case, for two reasons. One, I’ve been asked to let this be personal (if I feel so inclined) and two, I’m going to ask for help.  Two of the most natural things for me to do.  (If you know me at all, you know I’m not serious about that last statement.)  And here’s the thing, friends. I tried to write this without making it personal, but I just can’t, because it is incredibly personal. And as such, there’s no way I can avoid asking you to share my passion for this….and that’s where the request for help comes in.  

The dynamic here is that we are serving a community that may never be able to repay us and I think that is exactly as it should be. This is the epitome of being Jesus to those around us!  Allow me to paint a picture for you regarding last year’s boutique. We had to prepare to serve a couple hundred people, so we gathered more than enough. The team’s prayer going into the event was that we would have the appropriate styles and sizes to suit our participants and that no one would leave empty-handed.  Can I just tell you how God showed up for that?  We had around 20 "shoppers," and while some of them were super psyched, some of them were clearly skeptical.  We fielded quiet questions from caregivers (‘Is this really free? Because we don’t have the money to pay you for this’).  We watched as each lady or gentleman came out of the fitting room, some strutted their stuff, some appeared sheepish- a little embarrassed to be attracting so much attention.  Some found the “right” outfit in one try, and others enjoyed (or not, really, depending on the individual) an elaborate trying-on of nearly every article in his or her size.  All but one person left with an outfit that looked as if it had been made for him or her.  No hemming and no adjusting necessary, and not one compromised on what he or she felt confident in.  If you’ve ever done formal wear shopping, you know alterations are almost always necessary, and you may not find that exact “look” you were going for. The fact that this went so seamlessly… that, folks, is nothing short of divine intervention!

So about those 20-ish people. As Christians, I think we sometimes fall into the trap of believing our efforts can be measured in their worth to the Kingdom by the number of our turnout.  From a business standpoint, I suppose that makes perfect sense. But from my perspective, that evening of serving the few, was just as God had intended.  Perhaps this year we will have more; perhaps less. But I can assure you I would do it all over again—happily and joyfully—for far fewer a number.  Because to create an atmosphere of joy and love, and to know it isn’t about me or how it makes me feel, cannot be measured in the number of people who came.  It can only be measured by the effect sharing God’s love can have on a person that may never be able to repay us.  That, my friends, is priceless. That is our purpose.  

So, please, consider donating items you may no longer have a use for.  For me, I know that can be challenging.  Formal wear is expensive!  And “what if” I get another chance to get some use out of it? Well, I have chosen to believe that as God is using me to provide for others, so He will provide for me should the need arise.  If you’d like to see those items put to good use, consider volunteering for a shift. The boutique will take place on January 11, 2019 from noon-6pm, here at TCC.  Contact Amber Bellamy with any questions.

TCC Women's Christmas Dinner

TCCWomen's Annual Christmas Dinner is coming up soon! Mark your calendars and plan to join us Saturday, December 8th at 6:00pm for a fun, interactive, dinner theatre. There will be great food, laughter and a reminder of how God "knocked on the door" of His only Son to send Him to begin His journey in a manger, and how He now knocks on the door of our hearts. Sign-ups will continue on November 11th and 18th at the info desk. 

TCCServes Globally: Syverson Ministry Update

On the move...

“They say Aslan is on the move—perhaps he has already landed.”  These words mark a turning point in CS Lewis’s classic novel, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

     This is also how we are feeling here in Pachuca.  We named our newly launched ministry school after those words..."On the Move" because we feel that GOD is really on the move here in Mexico and we want to be a part of all that HE is doing.  

      We started the "On the Move" school on September 17th.  We have a staff of 4 (Greg, Vicki, Juandi and Monica), 5 full-time students and 14 night class only students.  We have a new (visiting) teacher coming in every week to teach on a different subject.  
     We have classes for the school 3 nights a week and then an additional night we open up for the church and community to attend a class by the same teacher.   We take our full-time students to do weekly ministry in a nursing home and also to do evangelism and outreach in neighborhoods and outside schools.  
     So far the teaching and ministry to the students has been amazing!  We have seen such transformation in their lives in the past 3 weeks  Can't wait to see what more GOD planned!

unnamed (1).jpg

In addition to our school (which is 6 days a week with classes and ministry time), we are also still involved in the ministries of the Nueva Vida (New Life) church.  We are also helping to prepare a new team of people from Nueva Vida to launch a church plant on November 18th.  These are exciting times!   Please join us in praying for unity among the churches and REVIVAL in Pachuca!  

Thank you for your partnership in the ministry!  It makes more of a difference than you could EVER know this side of eternity! 

Greg & Vicki Syverson

Trunk or Treat Recap

On October 19, we welcomed about 500 people from our community for Trunk or Treat.  We, as a church, were able to serve and love on our community through a free meal and family-friendly activities.  We gave away 804 hot dogs, 620 bag of chips and about 17,000 pieces of candy. And all while the large number of guests, food, and candy is impressive the more impressive part for me is everything our church family pulled off.  In just a 3 week window this church stepped up to lead and volunteer for our community.  We received the largest candy donation we ever have for this event.  A lot of work and man hours went into the prep, and it showed!  Over 80 different individuals stepped up to man inflatables, decorate their trunks, apply temporary tattoos, hand out the popcorn, serve food and more!  TCC family, Thank you!  You are what made Trunk or Treat a success! In addition to the 80 plus volunteers that helped the night of the event, there were team leads that handled all the prep work and volunteer communication for each area offered at Trunk or Treat.   A special thank you to Melissa Goad, Bob Bright, Jim & Diana Morlan, Emily Dodd, Danny Miller, Morgan Wellspring, Amber Bellamy, and Mandy Beatty.  

Since Trunk or Treat, we have received multiple messages of gratitude and appreciation from our guests. That is all because of our church family stepping up and being the church to our community.  Thank you for being a part of #tccserves and making Troy a little bit better. 

Check out a brief highlight of the event: