TCCServes Global: Lifewater



On July 1 of this year, our TCC family set out to approach one of the most significant crises in the world; the World Water Crisis. This is not just a fancy name to generate an emotional response, but a title recognizing the reality of over 800 million people around the world who do not have access to safe drinking water. While we cannot end the crisis itself, TCC set out to make that crisis non-existent in one corner of the world; namely a village in Kakumiro, Uganda. And on August 5, 2018, TCC set the wheels in motion to alter the future of an entire community by donating $18,544.34.



If you have been around TCC very long you know that this type of project is not new. Two years ago TCC donated over $12,000 to the International Disaster Emergency Service (IDES). These funds paid for over 32,000 meals for those in crisis situations. Then last year TCC selected one day dedicating the entire offering to the organization Faith Comes by Hearing to provide Military Bible Sticks to those serving in our armed forces all around the world. On that day over $10,000 was donated toward Bible Sticks helping get the Word of God into the hands of service men and women everywhere. 


These projects – while great actions in and of themselves – are really just a reflection of what we as a church exist to do. As a church, we exist to Connect People to Jesus. Sometimes that mission means those 15,000 people in our own community who are not connected with a local church body. Sometimes that mission leads us to dedicate every penny of the offering to get the Word of God into the hands of a soldier. And sometimes that leads us to partner with Lifewater International to provide water and the gospel to a village in Uganda. 


So what is in store next? Where will this mission of Connecting People to Jesus take us from here? I know, I for one, am excited to find out.


Date Night: Drew's First Date

Sixteen years ago, I met my "Two" (from Steve Thornton's sermon last week). We had a unique courtship which involved one of us living in Las Vegas and the other in Johnson City, TN. We met online in the days of dial-up internet and flip phones. We spent most nights using Emily's "free nights and weekends" to be able to talk for hours on end. 

The uniqueness of our courtship meant that we didn't have our first date for more than 2 months after we met. Due to our geographic challenges, Emily would board a plane and fly to Buffalo, NY (where my parents lived) so we could have our first date. Not only would it be our first date, our first face to face meeting, but she would also meet my parents. No pressure.


I can still remember the butterflies and the worries of producing a lackluster first date. So I planned the perfect date. We went to an early movie and then it was on to Chili's for dinner. Being in Buffalo, I decided to add some international flair to our date. So we crossed the border to go into Canada and take in Niagara Falls. 

Throughout the night we talked, we laughed, and we shared stories. I finally got to see her reactions to my bad jokes. She finally got to see how ruggedly handsome I am. Our months of pursuing each other had led to this. 

We've done our best to prioritize dating and pursuing each other for most of our married lives. The value our marriage has received from this cannot be overstated. 

So on September 5th, we will be having Date Night at TCC from 6-8:30pm. Childcare will be provided at the church for those with children. We will also have date kits to help you pursue your two. Register for childcare at

TCCWomen: Titus Two

Over the past six months, I have had the privilege of having a front row seat in watching God work in big and small ways through the lives of some of the women at TCC. I have witnessed women of all life stages and backgrounds loving and encouraging each other, and also growing deeper in their faith and love for the Lord through a mentoring relationship. I have watched with great joy as bonds have been formed and lifelong friendships have been made as women have stepped out of their comfort zones and consciously chosen to pour Christ’s love into the lives of others. 


Titus Two is a TCC program based on Titus 2:3-5 and is designed to help women grow closer to God by developing relationships with other women through a mentoring relationship.


On Sunday, August 5th, Titus Two kicked off its second session with a total of forty women participating. That’s twenty wise and seasoned Mentors committing to pour into the lives of twenty Mentees who are eager to learn and to be encouraged. I am both astounded by the bravery of these women and excited for what lies ahead of them! 


Please join me in covering these women in prayer over the next six months that they may grow in their love for the Lord and for his people. 

Praying for our Students

The back to school season is a great time for focused prayer.  A time to pray for students, teachers, and parents as they transition into a new school year.  Although this transition is about stepping into a new academic chapter it also carries a big opportunity spiritually for students, teachers, and faculty. 

Listen to the challenge laid out in Romans 12:2, “Don’t live any longer the way this world lives. Let your way of thinking be completely changed.  Then you will be able to test what God wants for you.  And you will agree that what He wants is right.  His plan is good and pleasing and perfect.”

Students ranging in ages 5 to 18 are stepping into a world that is designed for academic growth but can simultaneously be a dim place.  A place where society and the ways of this world have priority.  A place that is away from their every day “safety nets”.  A place where they are challenged.  Students have many pressures and influences they will face day in and day out.  School is the place for students to live out Romans 12:2 and be different than the world around them. As a result, they can shine the love of God to those around them. As a church family, we have the opportunity and privilege to lift these students up in prayer!  

The challenge of Romans 12:2 is not only for students.  At every school, no matter the grade level, there is a staff of teachers, assistants, janitorial, principals, food service, transportation and many more. These individuals have been placed in positions where they can live differently and as a result, encourage those around them to be transformed as well. The faculty’s influence is not limited to the students but extended to the many individuals they come in contact with on a daily basis.  The school day is most definitely a mission field for the many people serving in our school systems.  This is the second group of people that again as a church family we have the opportunity to pray for. 

Take time today to lift up the many individuals involved in the new school year.  Pray for them to be strong and courageous in their daily worlds, and for them to daily be transformed by God.  


Updated Look, Updated Approach

You may have noticed that our weekly emailed update has a new look. Starting today, we are going to approach our weekly update in a fresh way. Each week we will share relevant information, event news, and the 4 Things You Need to Know. We will spread the information out weekly instead of in one big chunk at the end of the month. Think of it more as a stream of information weekly instead of one big download at the end of the month.  The articles will have a headline and a link to click on to read the article. All of the articles will be archived at We will continue to have a print version available at the Information Desk each week. 


TCCKids: VBS recap

We at TCC recognize there are 15,000 people right outside our doors, in our community that do not know Jesus or have a relationship with Him.  That is one of the reasons we strive to Connect People to Jesus in everything we do.  And while that number can be quite daunting and even overwhelming I was recently reminded that as a church family we will not reach 15,000 people all at one time.  Rather, as a church family, we can connect a smaller group of our community to Jesus, a little at a time. 

As I reflect back on VBS at TCC I am humbled that God allowed us to reach and connect a small number of that 15,000 to Jesus. On average there were 94 kids that attended VBS at TCC every evening. Out of those 94 children, approximately 45 of them do not attend TCC on a regular basis or have never been part of our Sunday Worship services.  We were blessed to have 45 children from the community as well as volunteers that did not take that opportunity lightly! Every single night there was a crew of volunteers that stepped up to the calling of Connecting Kids to Jesus.  Every night they would show up with their best foot forward ready to serve!  Volunteers covered a wide range of positions that is honestly too long to list.  But no matter the position they filled each and every volunteer took hold of the opportunity to connect kids to Jesus. 


The overwhelming concept to think about is that the volunteer crew not only connected those 45 kids to Jesus but they, in turn, helped connect the rest of those 45 family units to Jesus!  The ripple effect has been set into motion.  The 57 willing VBS volunteers are making an impact on that once thought to be daunting 15,000 number.  I am so proud of our TCC family and those that served at VBS!  Each of you are rock stars! Thank you!!

By the way, every Elementary kid that attended VBS was able to recite the Memory Verse from John 10:10.  And collectively through kids and volunteers, VBS raised $1551.51 for Lifewater! 

TCCServes Global: Pat McWhorter

Continuing an Active Summer

We are continuing an active summer here at KidZ at Heart. For the first part of July we had a team travel to Honduras to train in three locations. The training went well even as some of the participants from the previous year were unable to make it due to a public transportation strike because of the skyrocketing fuel prices. We are about 1-2 years out from having licensed KidZ at Heart trainers in Honduras. At that point, they will be able to conduct training throughout the year and our short-term teams will be able to come in and compliment the training by the Honduras licensed trainers. 


While I write this, we have a team in Saltillo, Mexico conducting training. This is a team of adults and students who are conducting KidZ at Heart training as well as assisting our partner organization with some other projects. This is our second year in this location and it is exciting to be able to go back and continue the training we started last year and to continue to build the relationships.


We also have two teams finishing up their final preparations for trips in August. One team is preparing for training in Moldova, August 22 - September 1.  This team of 4 from California will continue the work going on in eastern Europe. As with Honduras, we are working towards getting licensed trainers ready to be able to train other children's ministry leaders in Moldova throughout the year, complimented by training conducted by short-term teams. We are a couple years from this next phase in launching the training network in Moldova.


The second August trip is the trip I am leading to conduct training in Malawi and Zambia, August 25 - September 17

TCCWomen: Women's Picnic

Join us for a couple of hours to relax and get away from the craziness of life. We are hosting a picnic at Troy City Park (Pavilion 14) on Saturday, September 8th at noon. This will include a carry in, games, devotion and time to visit and draw closer to each other. Please bring a dish or a dessert to share. Water will be provided. Sign ups will be August 19th and 26th. In the event of rain, our alternate location is TCC. If you have any questions, see Heather Miller.