Tornado Relief

Ways To Help Now!

Eat Cookies

Yep, you read that right, you can help those affected by the tornadoes by eating cookies. One of our TCCKids has put her life into play and came up with a way to help her community through her talent. She is making and selling snicker doodle cookies. All profits will be used to buy water and other supplies for tornado victims in the West Milton/Laura area.

Cookies are $10 per dozen. Complete the form below to place your order.

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Water Donations


A member of our TCC family recently became aware of a family in need. Their home experienced damage including the roof being torn off along with a major damage to multiple rooms. In talking with the family they said their greatest need was bottled water. Although the boil adversary has been lifted for their area, they have continued to experience sickness due to the water condition.

TCC is collecting cases of bottled water on Sunday, June 16. Please deliver any donations to the Info Desk (in the main foyer).

Due to the urgency of this need collection will only take place Sunday June 16.

Hopeland Church volunteers

Although Hopeland Church is without power they are persistent in serving their community who have experienced greater loss. Hopeland is a collection site, providing clothing, hygiene items, non perishable food and more.

They are in need of volunteers to help sort donations, put together grab bags, pray with hurting individuals along with load and unload donations.

Volunteers are welcome to just show up, no need to call ahead! Any amount of time is a great help! 4-7 pm are their busiest times.

On May 27, multiple tornadoes moved through the Miami Valley leaving destruction and chaos in their wake. There are thousands who have been impacted by this tragedy. As a church we want to show love to our neighbors in their time of need. We want to be able to be the hands and feet of Jesus in these moments of hurt, loss and sorrow. The rebuilding will be a process that takes weeks and months. 


We need your help in this process. We are working to identify specific families that we could love and serve in this crisis. You could help us by letting us know if there are individuals or families who are in need. We stand ready to rally TCC and it's resources but are looking for God's specific direction for us. Please contact the church office ( or (937) 335-8731) with specific needs.

 Join us in praying that even amid the pain and loss suffered by so many, that they will draw closer to God, who loves them deeply.

We are in the process of pursuing a long term relief effort. We will make you aware of details and ways to put your life into play as those become known.


Will You Shine On?

It has been several months since TCC hosted the annual Night to Shine event. Night to Shine is a prom experience for individuals with special needs. Sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation, the mission is to bring Faith, Hope, and Love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need. The TCC family has been amazing the past several years at Night to Shine to live out and fulfill that mission. Through a vast array of volunteer opportunities, our church family has shared Faith, Hope, and Love to many individuals with special needs along with their families.

Matthew 5:16 reminds us, “You are the light of the world. A city can’t be hidden. Also, people do not light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead, they put it on its stand. Then it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine in front of others. Then they will see the good things you do. And they will praise your Father who is in heaven.”

Family, we truly are the light of the world. We are urged not to hide our light or be ashamed of our light, but rather shine in front of others. In doing so, we provide light to those around us, which can result in them praising our heavenly Father!

Here at TCC, we do not interpret Matthew 5:16 as only shining your light one night a year. We truly believe that God desires for us to shine every day of the year, in all circumstances and in front of all people. We do not think that one night of shining our lights, loving, and serving those around us is enough. We strongly believe that God’s desire for us is to Shine On!

There is currently a fantastic opportunity for us to Shine On not only in our city but more specifically to our friends from Night to Shine. The 43rd annual Troy Strawberry Festival is June 1-2. The city provides four shuttle locations to accommodate the thousands of guests coming to Troy. One of those shuttle locations is solely handicap accessible at Hobart (ITW) offices. As a church family, we want to provide volunteers for that particular shuttle location. The task is simple, yet the impact is massive. The task is to simply greet, welcome, and assist the guests utilizing the Hobart Office shuttle. Our friends with Riverside and RT Industries are providing vehicles and transportation. We just need to provide the smiles and helping hands!

There are only 24 volunteer positions available. I desire to see every one of those positions filled by this Sunday- May 26. Can you help make that happen? Will you Shine On?

To sign up for a two-hour volunteer shift and find out more visit

Mother's Day and the Importance of Community

For many, Mother's Day is a difficult day.

"The woman who stayed home from church to avoid the fanfare — the reminder of what she doesn't have but desperately desires. The single mom with no husband to rally her children around her to celebrate. The woman who lost her baby this year, this mom. The mother with a wayward child, for whom Mother's Day makes her wonder if she's less of a mother than the women standing beside her, holding their roses. The adoptive mom, whose motherhood means fielding the pain of her child's loss in the form of confusion and anger. The daughter without a mother.

Our western world celebrates while some cry in the shadows.

He sees you. He carries your loss; His heart beats for your ache. He is nearest to you, today, woman. Every hurt you feel in secret, He sees and carries in His frame. He is more engaged than you could imagine, more entwined with your loss, and your wait, and your secret, desperate prayers.

As you pull the covers high in an attempt to hide from all the reminders, may you sense His gentle hand on your back ... His whisper in your ear: I see you. I know you.

Let this whisper be everything today."

- Sara Hagerty

We at TCC desire to celebrate the women that pour into our lives, love us and guide us. We also have a great desire that those who ache and experience pain to know and believe you are seen. Mother's Day can bring complicated, complex, or even confusing emotions. We hope that even in the midst of pain, you can find joy and healing. As three of our ladies shared in a video on Sunday, relationships can bring great healing. If you find yourself in a season of pain, we encourage you to seek out Godly relationships within this church body. There are many individuals in our TCC Family that would greatly benefit from you pouring into them. Often times, God uses your service to others as a journey towards joy. I can speak from personal experience that in my seasons of pain, my God-centered relationships were what God used to pull me out of pits of despair. Please also consider that maybe this is not a season for you to pour into someone but instead you allowing someone to pour into your life. Life is hard, but God provides us with community and relationships to help us. TCC Family, we urge you to seek out these relationships. We all desperately need each other.

To learn more about TCCGroups click here

For photos from Muffins with Mom visit-

TCCYoungAdults launching

Here's something I'm so excited for - a new ministry coming to TCC! If you've had a chance to talk to me for an extended period of time, you may have heard a little bit about my heart for young adults. This is an age group I'm passionate about, it's a time in everyone's life that is loaded with potential.

As young adults are figuring out their place in the world, faith can easily fall on the back burner. On the flip side, we can empower young adults to pursue a deep relationship with a Christ, and we can see the next generation of world changers and church leaders grow.

If you're someone who defines themselves as a young adult, I'd love to invite you to join us for our first gathering this summer on June 2nd. We will start this summer with biweekly gatherings on Sundays at 6:30 to share a time of food, fellowship, and deep dives into the Word of God. Contact me at for more information.

Share the Warmth Update

Our Share The Warmth ministry has served many people over the years by providing free clothing to families in the name of Jesus. We are so grateful for the many passionate leaders and volunteers who have given of themselves to make this ministry fruitful for both this community and the Kingdom of God. We are also thankful for the space provided by Dave's Services that has allowed us to store equipment and clothes. At this time, we no longer have the necessary leadership nor storage availability so as a leadership team we have determined that the season for this ministry has come to a close. As a result, we encourage you and those you may have encouraged to participate by donating to this ministry to make use of other avenues in our community to offer your used clothing. 

Egg Hunt 2019

This past Saturday was the annual Family Egg Hunt. Despite the rain, the event went well with over 200 people in attendance. A majority of those that attended were from our community and new to TCC. While the Egg Hunt appears to be your typical spring festivity, it holds a great deal of importance for many of the TCCKids. Something you may not realize is that the Family Egg Hunt is not planned and/or carried out by a group of adult volunteers nor me. The Egg Hunt from beginning to end is planned, prepared, and carried out by the students involved in the Wednesday night program, Kidsciple. For nearly two months on Wednesday evenings, 4th-6th-grade children stuffed eggs, made plans and prayed for the event. The Easter Egg Hunt was their project.

A project that was not small by any means. Kidsciple worked hard to ensure each child that attended their Egg Hunt had plenty of eggs to find. Their efforts resulted in 9,800 eggs! 9,800 eggs individually filled with candy or small prizes. The 4th-6th graders were also responsible for setting up tables, chairs, and decorating for the event. They worked hard and put in many hours of prep. It was such an exciting experience watching them as they quickly took ownership of the event, covered it in prayer, took pride in the project along with experiencing a leadership role. Honestly, it was the kids' way of serving and growing. They devoted time, energy and prayers.

Although the kids were the primary leads for the Egg Hunt, many other volunteers made the event possible. A huge thank you to all the pancake makers that arrived early Saturday morning to help prepare over 60 pounds of pancake batter. Thanks to Melissa Goad and Micah Tracy who sacrificed their entire Friday to create the awesome customized shirts for the students. I can’t express enough appreciation for Bob Bright and Danny Miller in their service to the kids and this event. They equipped the kids to manage the parking lot for our guests, and to the crew that helped set up chairs, thank you!

It is because of the kids’ willingness to lead along with the TCC Family’s willingness to serve that the Egg Hunt went well. Thank you! Thank you for serving our community. Thank you for putting your lives into play and allowing God to use you! I’m proud to be part of this TCC Family.

TCCMen: Camp Work Day

When I was in my high school years, I learn something that seems counter-intuitive. Or at least it seemed counter-intuitive at the time. I learned that I enjoy hard work. I enjoy sweating, building, digging, and using my hands to create something. I learned this as I was able to help my father build a two-story two car garage in our backyard. It wasn't easy, I learned all sorts of things about hammering, cutting, pouring cement and all the other projects that are involved in building something like that.

Even now, I still enjoy that sort of work. Maybe it's just how I'm wired. I'm looking forward to an opportunity we have coming up on May 4th at Western Buckeye Christian Camp. Starting at 9am, WBCC will have a work day as they prepare for the upcoming camp season. We'll be doing some roofing, helping finish a shelter house, painting, and really anything else they need help with. Lunch will be provided.

I'm also excited about the night before. The TCCMen will be gathering at camp on May 3 starting at 6pm to grill and eat, hang out, fish, play games and just get to know each other better. We'll be spending the night and then getting up in the morning to work. We'll take care of all the food. If you're interested in either/both of these register at

Why Camp Matters

We here at TCC are so excited for the rapidly approaching camp season (otherwise known as “summer” to most of the world). This is a special time of the year that we find incredibly valuable for the kids and students in our church family. I know that I personally have loved serving at our camps these past few years as a counselor and the sponsored missionary for Jr. and Sr. High Camp.

When talking about camp, it’s easy to focus in on all the fun that we have while we’re out at Western Buckeye – belly-flop contests, ultimate frisbee, basketball games and “Fortnite Live” to name a few, but really, camp is so much more than just games and fun.

Camp is a time where kids and students have a chance to experience Jesus, whether it’s their first experience or their hundredth, and take another step closer in their relationship with Him. These last few summers we have seen students make the decision to be baptized and even more students who are challenged to make their faith their own. Camp is a time where kids and students can dedicate time away from their normal routine to grow in their relationship with Christ and build friendships with counselors and other Christians their age so that when they come back home, they’re even more equipped to share their faith and change the world.

We are so excited for camp. We can’t wait to see the life change that will happen in our kids and students as they prioritize God this summer.  See Becky or me at the info desk for more information. 


I believe there is power in our individual prayers for TCC - our staff, elders, congregation, etc.  But if there is power in one person's prayer, isn't there that much more power when we join together lifting up prayers for our church? 

In Isaiah 56:7 the Lord says, "…..for my house will be called a house of prayer for all nations." 

I believe we at TCC are called to be a "house of prayer" and this means meeting together to do just that!  Please join us in room 206 before first service (8:30-9 am) and between services (10-10:30 am) each week.  You may come and go as you have need to.  I know God will do a mighty work at and through TCC, if we are faithful to pray!

Superstart Recap

This past weekend TCC sent a group of 20 students and chaperones to CIY Superstart! conference in Cincinnati.  The theme of this year’s Superstart! was “Conquering Gargantor” and overcoming obstacles in sharing our stories.  Students learned that as followers of Christ, it’s important to recognize the amazing ways He works in their lives.  Along with the importance of sharing their stories of what He’s done with others.  Some of the students struggled with fear of their story not being good enough, having to be too vulnerable or feeling as if they do not even have a story to share. As a group we learned about overcoming all of those obstacles and focused on Psalm 105:1, “Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim His greatness.  Let the whole world know what He has done.” Over the two-day conference, students overcame their personal obstacles and developed their own story of what God has done! They are currently challenged to share those stories with someone else.  

TCC family, thank you for praying for the trip, for the students and chaperones.  God was faithful and provided an amazing, fun and faith-building experience. We were blessed with 6 amazing chaperones that poured into the students.  The 14 students and 6 chaperones that attended had an enjoyable time together.  

Check out the highlight video Here

A Message from Chris Heiss

Hello TCC Family!

Karen and I are making final preparations for our move to Troy next week, and we are so excited to see what lies ahead for the church and for the two of us as a part of this movement of God!

Our house is all packed except some of the clothes in our dresser and closet as well as the bathroom toiletries. It is strange living in a room or two of a whole house that is packed. At the same time, it continues to signal to us that the times are changing and we are on the verge of God doing something special!

We are busying ourselves here with some final details and goodbyes to a lot of people who have become as close as family to us. We have loved them and they us, just we loved you once upon a time and still do. We are excited to renew our relationships with you, our TCC family and look forward to the lives that God will not only impact but change forever through the work He does through all of us.

We have been praying for you and thank you for your continued prayers for us as we finish here in Florida, make the move next week, and get to join you in worship on Sunday the 31st. I look forward to sharing with you from the Scriptures on Sunday the 7th of April.

”Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.” (Ephesians 3:20-21)

Making and Growing Disciples,
Chris and Karen Heiss

TCCServes: Hurricane Michael Relief Update

You may recall that back in October we took up a special offering to help those affected by Hurricane Michael. TCC was able to send over $5,000 to IDES to help their relief efforts. We recently received an update on the progress down in Panama City. The IDES representative said that they have been working with 3 local churches in the Panama City area. Through those churches and volunteers they have begun to repair damage on those buildings. IDES is reaching out to the community and partnering with families who homes were severely damaged by Hurricane Michael. Thank you again for you generosity. To stay up to date with what IDES is doing go to .

TCCServes: Night to Shine 2019

We are five days post Night to Shine, and I find myself just as overwhelmed with thankfulness as I was Friday evening. The event went extremely well, and that is due to the work and dedication of many teams of people. If I can, I would love to show just a fraction of my appreciation for these fantastic teams of people.

First, our directors Jan Gillespie and Kathy Garman. These ladies poured many hours into making Night to Shine a success. They lead well, prayed hard, and worked endlessly. Thank you to both of them along with their spouses for immense sacrifices the past several months.

Another group of individuals that vastly contributed to Night to Shine is our amazing team leads. There were numerous areas that needed covered, prepared, and coordinated. Our many team leads made all of that happen! Each team lead took on the responsibility to recruit, communicate, and equip a team of volunteers before the event. The ideas they each brought to the table still amaze me. They combined passion and dedication to the benefit of our honored guests. I can not thank the team leads enough for all they did. Team leads were truly the grease that made the whole machine called Night to Shine work seamlessly.


Yet again, the Riverside staff partnered with us to celebrate and minister to our honored guests. Particularly the recreation team along with Brittany Ulman were a massive help in preparation for Night to Shine. The group at Riverside not only sent over many trained individuals to volunteer during the event, but they were instrumental in the planning and prep. Riverside hosted training for our many volunteers along with vital information that helped us minister to our honored guests on an elevated level. Thank you Riverside!

The TCC staff and Ken Kessler have outdone themselves. This amazing and loving team of people were the backbone to Night to Shine. Each of them not only managed and carried out individual responsibilities for the event, but were never short of encouragement for me personally. Never did I feel like I was coordinating this event on an island. They were quick to step in and help wherever needed. Their behind the scenes efforts were greatly appreciated!

Last, but far from least, are the many volunteers from Troy Christian Church and Piqua Christian Church. Night to Shine simply would not exist without volunteers to serve and celebrate our honored guests. There were numerous volunteers from both of these church families and I’m thankful for you! I was in awe of the love you shared with not only with guests but those around you. Thank you for being salt and light in this world!

Night to Shine has quickly become the greatest night of the year for me. I am humbled to have a front row seat to God’s goodness and love. There are endless stories of God showing up and showing off through this event. I invite you to read some of Night to Shine stories along with share your own story. Check out

TCCServes: Night to Shine Boutique 2019

This past Friday TCC hosted our second free formal wear boutique for our Night To Shine guests. Amber Bellamy and her team coordinated a boutique last year before Night To Shine, and they were excited to host one again this year. I was not able to help or attend the boutique last year, so I went into this event not exactly sure what to expect. The months leading up to the boutique, Amber and I found joy in the prep work of gathering formal wear donations, advertising the event, and watching the registrations come in. The Sunday before the boutique Amber and I were joined by our small groups to help set up. Our joy continued to grow as we realized just how many formal dresses, shirts, suits, jewelry, shoes, and accessories our church family had donated. Quickly there was a transformation of our sanctuary into a formal wear shop and classrooms into welcoming changing rooms including runways and mirrors.

The morning of the boutique I found myself worried that we would not have enough clothing or the appropriate sizes for each of our anticipated guests. Amber and I prayed for God to show off and allow each and every guest to find something that helped them feel beautiful, amazing, and special. I felt urged to stop at the Goodwill on my way to the boutique. God did exactly what we asked of Him, He showed off. Just hours before the event God provided three formal dresses in the exact sizes guests had requested. TCC Family, that was just the beginning of God’s provision for this event.

God provided the best possible volunteers for the boutique. Volunteers that were thrilled and humbled to serve our honored guests. Volunteers that put in many hours that day with a smile on their face. Volunteers that “burned the midnight oil” on sewing projects for our guests.

I mentioned earlier I went into this event not exactly sure what to expect. Turns out I was in no way prepared for the immense joy and blessing God had in store for me. As I watched the first guest step onto our makeshift runway and get a glimpse of themselves in the mirrors, I was overwhelmed. I was overwhelmed with the beauty displayed before me. The beauty of a perfectly fitting dress that at one time was probably someone’s bridesmaid dress but yet it appeared to be altered and created specifically for this individual. The beauty of someone’s late night seamstress work that now elegantly adorned our guest’s shoulders. The tear-filled eyes of a mother that stood in awe of her child’s beauty. The quiet and simple expression of an individual that was filled with confidence and for a moment truly saw themselves as God sees them.

It was in that moment that it all clicked. Those beautiful moments are what Night To Shine is all about. Making ourselves available for God to utilize us in a way that provides others opportunity to see themselves the way He sees them. The boutique hosted an abundance of these moments, more than Amber and I could possibly put into words. TCC Family, it’s our hope you will make yourself available to participate in these moments. Please consider being a buddy at Night To Shine for your opportunity.

Meet Charlie!

For those of you who may not know me, I’m Charlie Sheehan, and I’m so excited to be coming on to help out as the new interim Student Minister! My family and I have been attending TCC since we first moved to Troy in 2006, and I have been mostly away for the past 7 years attending college and planting a church at Wright State University. You may recognize me from my most recent role as Joseph in our Christmas service, or from one of the times I was able to play guitar with the worship team. Most of the students already know who I am, as I’ve been able to help at camp the last few summers, and have volunteered at WNL!

For the past few years, after I graduated BGSU, I have been a part of a new church plant at Wright State University called H2O. I’ve loved my time leading and mentoring college students, and I can’t wait to learn and grow in this new area of ministry here at TCC! My new fiancée, Erin, and I are both thrilled to get to become part of the wonderful community that is TCC and to get to work with all of the elders, staff, and volunteers to help connect people to Jesus.

TCCServes: Giving Tree

Another Giving Tree Project hosted by TCC has been completed.  The Giving Tree Project started the middle of November, and it has been exciting to watch it unfold. TCC has hosted this Christmas project for several years, and while minor details have changed, the overall purpose has remained the same; provide a gift and express God’s love simply and unconditionally. Our efforts have been primarily focused on the individuals associated with the Riverside Developmental Disabled community.  The past two years we have been able to include a local elementary school, providing gifts to some students and their siblings as well. To those of you who selected and fulfilled a Giving Tree tag, your generosity does not go unnoticed.  I truly wish each and every one of you could fully grasp the impact created by your selfless giving.  To help pull back the veil, as you will, I’ve asked Melony Harman to share her insights.  Melony has helped organize this project for the past two years.  

Giving Tree has become a special part of Christmas!  We not only get to give to someone as the Harman family but we also get to be a part of watching the family at TCC stepping up and loving on so many people. Loving other people is a huge thing God called us to do and it was awesome to see all of you respond in such an effortless way.  We started with 151 tags and this past Sunday we fulfilled EVERY SINGLE TAG!  

Every tag has a story. For example, there was a man who was sleeping on a twin mattress that he was hanging off of and now this Christmas he will be able to have a comfortable nights sleep.  A teen who wanted a set of curtains and beads for her doorway can add some fun decor to her room.   A little boy is going to have many adventures with his dinosaurs and Mr. Potato ahead of him. This is all because of you all taking the time to give and love!   

I hope that your heart was given the gift mine was.  Thinking of all the smiles that those packages will bring truly warms my heart this Christmas!!! Merry Christmas TCC!!! 

TCC Family, I must admit that I often slip into a jaded or even judgmental mentality when it comes to serving or giving.  The beauty of this project is that it challenges and reminds me of Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 25:40, “'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.' 

The elementary child represented on our Giving Tree didn't make a poor choice that landed their family in financial hardship.  

The individual with special needs did not choose to be isolated or forgotten.  

The precious people receiving your selfless gifts are the most deserving of a joyous Christmas and TCC family, you helped provide just that! On behalf of the many you served, Thank you.  Thank you for choosing generosity.  Thank you for sharing and expressing God’s love simply and unconditionally.  

I’m humbled by God’s love, and blessing poured out on us as a church family. I’m proud that we chose to share that love and blessing with those around us. 

I love you TCC family. 

TCCWomen's Christmas Dinner Recap

We had an excellent turnout for our Annual Women’s Christmas Dinner. Almost 100 ladies came out to enjoy a meal together as well as a night of fellowship, humor, and great food for thought about the simplicity of what this season is all about and about the quiet night where it all began.

We would like to thank the men who did a great job serving at the dinner. We would like to thank our 13 table hostesses for their beautiful decorations as well as Josh Harman for running our sound and also filming and editing our videos. Thanks also goes out to Amanda Nowman for doing a fantastic job in acting in our skit. We really appreciate everyone’s help in pulling his night off. It was a wonderful evening of fellowship and glorifying the Lord. 

Heather Miller and the Women’s Ministry Team

TCCServes: Story from Caroling

On Sunday night, I went caroling with some of our TCC Family.  There was a man at the nursing home, and his door was only partially open.  Most of us passed by him because we assumed that he didn't want to be bothered, but my mom knocked on his door.  I thought it was going to be a mean old man that didn't want to be bothered, so I was kind of annoyed.  She asked if he wanted us to sing a carol to him.  He couldn't hear her, so Jimmy Morlan asked him, and he said sure.  We sang Silent Night, and when we were done, he had tears in his eyes.  Naturally, I started tearing up because I cry whenever other people cry.  He told us that he lost his wife three years ago, and he hasn't been able to get over it.  They had been married almost 70 years-- four months shy of it.  He said they had been dating five years before that because he waited until after he got back from World War II to marry her.  I started crying even more.  He told us that the Girl Scouts and their moms had come to decorate his door, and when they were finished, he had shown them something.  He asked us if we wanted to see it too, and we said sure.  He went back into his room, came out with a small case, and took a little harmonica out.  He told us it was a one-octave harmonica.  He said he had one that was 100 years old, but that wasn't the one he showed us.  He said that not many people know about these little harmonicas, and we replied that we hadn't seen one before either.  He asked if he could play a song for us, and we said yes.  He played Jesus Loves Me. I was crying so much when he was playing it for us, because I couldn't imagine all he had been through and I could tell how much he loved that little harmonica, and that it clearly meant something to him.  When he was done, we told him Merry Christmas, and my mom and I hugged him.  He said that I was a sweet girl.  Then we headed down the hall to continue caroling.  We stopped and talked about how we had almost missed that opportunity, and how much he blessed us.  We went there to try to bless others, but we ended up being blessed a lot more than we thought we would be.  

Girl Scouts Help TCC Food Pantry

Girl Scout Troop 21285 meets here at TCC twice a month, and they recently used money from their troop fund for a service project.  Their project consisted of purchasing and collecting food and toiletries for our food pantry. They brought all the items to the church and joyfully stocked the shelves full! These nine six-year-old girls have made a significant impact on the lives of those who visit our food pantry this month and maybe even next month given the abundance of items donated! Thank you, and God Bless these precious little girls and their families for being the hands and feet of Jesus.